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Tell Your Story, Inspire the World

People are searching motivate videos every days.

Since broadcast ready iPhone Video came out in 2007, anyone can create iPhone Story Video anytime.

The Power of Storytelling goes back to the founder of Psychology, Freud. He brought up free-association or sharing our thoughts out loud. Not only does this heal a person’s internal conflict and releases their tension, but it impacts those who listen.

Digital Storytelling is Trending!

Why not us to create iPhone Story Video website, SnowSugar Video?

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: : SnowSugar Vision : : 

SnowSugar will deliver employee happiness culture to create high profitable company to contribute the society happiness.

: : TESAGE Mission : : 

SnowSugar deliver passion through real people’s story to live your life positively toward to success.

Tell Your Story, Inspire the world! Big Smiles with iPhone Story Video.

Let’s motivate the world together. We can’t do alone.

: : SnowSugar Core Value : :


SnowSugar Video – Founder Yukiko Sat0


SnowSugar Video – Co-Founder Asaka


SnowSugar Video
Morningside Heights, NYC
Phone/Text: 1.917-428-0059
Email: SnowSugarVideo@gmail.com


: : SnowSugar Internships : :

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