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There are two different ways to upload a video on SnowSugar membership website. Firstly, go to your ‘profile’ page and under the ‘post’ tab you will find the ‘upload video’ button. Another way to upload a video is to click on the ‘video’ tab on the menu bar. On the video page you will see a blue button entitled ‘upload video’ on the top of the page.

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Go directly to your ‘profile’ page and on the right side of the page you will see a grey ‘settings’ icon. When selecting the icon it will show you a drop-down menu. At the top of the menu select ‘ edit profile’. This will allow you to change your profile picture; background image; gender, name, last name, address, phone number, video URL, city and country. You can also write a post for your followers to see.

On the menu bar click on the ‘forum’ tab. When you reach the page select a forum. Scroll down until you reach “Create New Topic in “Forum: Snow Sugar Video” text box. Type in a ‘Topic Title’, and then proceed to writing a new topic in the tex box. Don’t forget about the ‘topic tags’, ‘topic type’ and ‘topic status’.

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A membership cost $_____ amount of dollars monthly. If you have any further questions our customer service chat room is open.

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Hover-over the ‘jobs’ tab on the homepage and select ‘post a job’. Make sure you select ‘project’ in the list of ‘job types’. Fill out the rest of the information required and when finished click on the ‘post’ button.

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Ways in which an artist can get paid is through…

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Firstly, go to the ‘job’ tab on the home page. When you reach the ‘job’ page you will see three options to filter from: ‘full time’, ‘internship’ and ‘project’. Tick on the ‘projects’ box and it will only show projects that are available to apply for. Select a project from the options below
Next, scroll down and you will see the following two options: ‘contact by E-mail’ or ‘send private message’.Send the employer a brief message and wait for a response.

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